One of a Kind Tie Dye

Summer Schedule typically announced around April!


I brand all of my tie dye items, The picture above is of my logo, I discretely place this on the backside of the neck of every T-shirt. 
Everyone knows when you have a One of a Kind Tie Dye, and not just another t-shirt!


Lots of my business is Custom shirts, and custom orders for any team/event and such, if you need/want something that I don't have by all means just shoot me an email and we can talk custom!

Custom isn't just shirts, it can be anything cotton as long as I can get what you want to be dyed.

(dresses, socks, sheets, different shirts or whatever!)

I'm also a fully operating screen printing shop for any and all of those needs!

Email me questions or special orders by simply clicking contact form (above tab) and I will get back at you as quick as possible!

Thank you!

Starting small.

     Hey! My name is Ian Weston, I'm 25 years old and I am now a graduate from Weber State University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration! I couldn't get a job with this economy but I needed to make money for my college education so I started making and selling tie dye shirts! Now that I am finished with school I don't do as many festivals, however you can ALWAYS order online!

At first my dye's weren't very good, but through a lot of practice I learned how to do it very well!  My shirts are quality, they will not fade drastically over time, they are nice, soft, and great fitting.  Because of this quality I have sold over *20,000* tie-dye pieces, I can now do some magical things with tie dye, so my sales have expanded to hoodies, bandanas, dresses, skirts, bucket hats, onesie's, yoga pants and underwear!  I have also made pillow cases/sheets and pants and such!  As my website grows I will keep adding more items to it, and I hope to see this business grow! Support small business!


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The basic, Hoodie and shirt!
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